There was…

The absurd: that off-putting and unbelievable new cardio doctor

The unendearingly cheesy: the vent speech? Owen would never say something so stupid.

The persistently frustrating: Denny GO AWAY! It’s Karev’s time now.

The unfair: there’s not a chief in the world who would have chosen unprecedentedly punishing Christina over letting her, the best resident, perform the solo surgery.

The unpleasantly foreboding: please keep Callie away from Sadie! It’s not fair to the amazing character of Callie, it’s not fair to the viewers who already hate Sadie and it’s not fair to the memory of Dr. Hahn.


The Nauseating: the award for most horrifying hookup in the world goes to the wonderful Dr. Marc Sloan and the one woman (aka useless little girl) he promised to stay away from. And has there ever been something quite as creepy as her “teach me” mantra? Ew.