This week’s Grey’s Anatomywas stupid. That’s what it was. It was stupid people doing stupid things for stupid reasons and giving stupid explanations for them.
Let’s start with the stupid things that the characters did.

-Lexipedia and her band of merry moronic intern followers. What gives you the idea that cutting yourselves open for the purpose of stitching each other up is a good plan? And your total ineptitude at covering it up? Ridiculous. I knew I didn’t like the new interns, not to mention whiny and pathetic Lexi who has somehow become their leader, but COME ON.
– Sloan, why would you set your sights on Lexi? Why? You belong with Callie.
– Derek, don’t get involved in Meredith’s relationship with Lexi, she’ll only resent you for it.
– Izzie, don’t you dare mess up this thing with Karev, don’t you dare.
Now, onto the stupid things that Shonda and Co. have done.
– There is NO need for a new intern who has “please hate me” written all over her face. She’s already presumptuous, entitled, show offingly “daring”, inexplicably British and stepping on the turf of beloved characters like Christina. Step off girly, don’t think viewers have forgotten that they were trained to hate you as Vaughn’s wife on Alias. I understand the desire for new blood on the show but threatening established friendships and giving us a weird Christina/Izzie hybrid is not the way to go.
– The new heart surgeon? Weird, creepy, and absolutely not a believably capable surgeon. Aspergers may have served for the purposes of a nice little ending speech about the sometimes cruelly sarcastic nature of Seattle Grace but it would not become a surgeon as it is a disease that’s victims thrive on order and predictability, the OR is too unpredictable and fast-paced for that. Also, it may be a social disorder but the people I know who suffer from it somehow manage to not be upsettingly off-putting, she was just yucky as a person, disease or no. Hopefully cardio attending #4 will be someone different and somewhat tolerable.
– This week’s surgeries. I didn’t care about a single one. FAILURE.
– Denny is dead. Not only is Denny dead but he has been for quite some time. The writers seem to be grasping at straws, trying to recapture the magic that was their show in the second season, when Denny was around. He may have been one of the show’s most popular characters but he had his time and place, and this is not it. This is the time for Alex and Izzie. Having Denny
inexplicably haunting Izzie not only makes her seem crazy (like Alex’s previous girlfriend), it also undermines her love for Alex
(not to mention the whole Gizzie thing) and moves her backwards in her arc. Denny was great but he died and Izzie mourned and she (literally) went from Denny’s arms to Alex’s and that’s where she needs to stay. There’s no point in moving her and the show backwards, it’s frustrating, disappointing and not good for the future of the show.
And now, the redeeming good stuff.
– Dr. Owen Hunt. Kevin McKidd is fantastic (moment of silence for Journeyman). Hunt is engaging and different from the other doctors (whenever he graciously bows to someone else’s expertise I feel like applauding). And his chemistry with Sandra Oh’s Christina? almost as good as Isaiah Washington’s, which is pretty darn note worthy.
– Hahn’s exit. It was controversial, unexpected, quick and sad for the lovely person that Brooke Smith is reputed to be. But it’s a good thing for the show. I always thought that Callie as a lesbian was a bit of a stretch (remember when George was her McDreamy?) and the character of Erica herself seemed more like a caricature of a “tough gal” than an actual character. Truth be told, I’m glad to see her go.
– Callie. Sara Ramirez hit this episode out of the park as Callie coming to terms with Erica’s departure. She didn’t overplay her misery (hello early season 3 Izzie) but let it simmer, slightly visible, beneath the surface until she exploded into a typical “I’m miserable about one thing but talking about something else entirely” Grey’s Anatomy monologue. And Sloan’s ever present and helpful shoulder to cry on? The perfect reminder of their strong yet complicated relationship. That relationship consistently has me at the edge of my seat, whether they’re getting it on in the on-call room or crying in the OR.
– and Karev. I love him. There should be more of him. He’s so sweet to Izzie. If she hurts him I’ll scream; you can’t force a guy to open up like that just to trample on his heart, it’s just not fair.
So that’s Grey’s. Though there was plenty to love, this week “I could hardly forebear hurling things at [my TV screen]”.