The TV Addict classified this week’s Grey’s Anatomy as “Ugly” but I’m here to defend Shonda and Co. The Addict is fallible after all.

I thought this week’s Grey’s was lovely. It was sweet and sincere with just a tad of fun.

Shepperd and Bailey’s patient and her husband were so lovely. That story was great.

I love some good Meredith/Christina friendship scenes.
The chief got to play comedy, it worked.

I’m really liking Hunt, I like that he’s beginning to see Christina as a “finely aged Scotch” again.

To be honest, I’m glad to see Hahn go, I was never as attached to her as some other beloved characters; here’s hoping Sloan picks up some of her slack!

and it was nice to see Denny again and the consequences of Izzie’s past. And I’m reassured that Izzie is committed to being with Alex, even in the face of Denny’s memory, which makes me happy.