I’m frightfully busy tomorrow, thus I am posting my weekly obsessions now.

Brokeback Mountain

I have to admit that I never got around to seeing it in theatres even though I have a profound love for 3/4 of it’s stars (I never really warmed to Michelle Williams), it has somehow slipped through the cracks all these years. So tonight, I finally watched it (netflix, I love you). Besides being a really wonderful movie that was nowhere near as drawn out as people warned me it was, Brokeback Mountain is yet another example of how glad the world should be to have Jake Gyllenhaal and how sad it should be to have lost the genius of Heath Ledger.


Seth Rogan

Weird, I know. Totally inconsistent with my usual opinion, yes. Totally based on how much I love his goofy, sweet, nerdy, Canadian character Ron on Undeclared, also yes.