While back in Toronto this week I’ve been working on catching up on So You Think You Can Dance Canada. I’ve gotten through 2 more weeks, through the eliminations of Tamina and Joey, leaving 14 dancers on the stage.

My current opinions are that…

-I underestimated Natalli. Not only is she a better dancer than I gave her credit for, she’s also incredibly passionate, sweet and endearing. I eat my “suzygirl” words.

– I still adore Nico and love Arassay. They are without a doubt the best couple. I’m very proud to have called him as my favourite from his very first audition.

– Francis is still wonderful. His and Natalli’s partnership is a steaming plate of hotness.

– Lisa and Vincent are the most dependably good dancers on that stage and have proven themselves to be engaging characters as well. They’re officially my favourite couple #2.

– Allie and Danny are cute but I expected more from them.


– the Canadian judges are too… Canadian. During the audition process, their kindness and support worked well for the show, taking much of the cruelty out of the initial first weeks. But as the show progresses, it seems as if 3/4 of each episode is spent on the judges telling everyone how great they were, even if they were mediocre. Being nice is all well and good but they can’t forget that what makes judges like Mia Michaels and Lil’ C good is constructive criticism, not blind encouragement.

Videos of my favourite dances to date to come.