This weekend I went to see The Secret Life of Bees, which was full of wonderful surprises. Yes, Dakota Fanning’s talent did survive puberty. No, apparently singer/actors are not always substandard, Queen Latifa, Alicia Keys and Jennifer Hudson were all wonderful in their roles in the film. Yes, Paul Bettany is so phenomenally talented that he can make even the most tyrannical of characters sympathetic. And some CW actors have, like bees, secret lives; One Tree Hill‘s Hilarie Burton has a small role in the film, which she fits like a glove.

The real wonder, though is Tristan Wilds, who may be a boring character on this season’s worst show (90210) but he also has a secret life as a fantastic actor, playing the important role of Zach in the film. So before you write Burton and Wilds off for their day jobs, make sure to go see them shine amongst some brilliant co-stars in The Secret Life of Bees.