I loved this episode. Derek was incredibly sweet; Meredith, George and Lexi were completely tolerable if not likable; Bailey was great.

Izzy looking for someone to live with and realizing that she’s all alone was lovely, and I haven’t liked Izzy in a long time. It’s true that she’s never really been in love since Denny and she’s lost her best friend to Lexi and idiocy and she is, for all intensive purposes, alone.

Which brings me to Alex. I adore Alex Karev and Grey’s Anatomy is always at its best when he has a lot of screen time. In this episode not only did we get to see Alex the nice guy who really does care about his patients even if he puts on a tough face (he flung himself over the patient when the sky was falling for crying out loud) but we also got to see Alex the guy who loves Izzy. I love both those Alexs and never love Shonda Rhimes more than when she puts them on screen.

Grey’s is the home of all of my favourite ‘tough exterior/heart of gold’ characters.

Alongside Karev, Marc Sloan, Christina Yang, Callie Torres and Erica Hahn all had fantastic episodes.
Christina’s hidden fear of losing Meredith felt incredibly real, the fact that she refuses to admit it felt even more real. I loved her in this episode.

I also loved Callie and Erica. Callie and Marc’s friendship is a really cool one that needs a little more exploration. The tension that it creates between her and Erica and the difference in each of their levels of openness is also very intriguing.

Marc’s dynamic with Lexi is also pretty cool. He seems to see value in her that none of the others do. He, encapsulating his character perfectly, calls her pathetic not out of spite but because he knows she can be better.

The flood was cool. All 3 patients of the week were interesting. All the great characters got their chance to shine. Christina’s encounter with the therapist was awesome. Lexi reciting the periodic table was hilarious. and I literally exclaimed “I LOVE KAREV” about 4 times throughout the episode, most notably at the end when he said hello to Izzy.