George O’Malley is not a favourite character of mine. In fact, were someone who knows me pretty well to read character descriptions of the Grey’s Anatomy characters, they might say that I should like George the best, but I don’t. I think he’s whiny and simple and selfish. I think he talks too much and promises the world but then is ultimately not that good a doctor or a person.
That said, this week was a good week for George O’Malley.

He passed his intern exam. He helped a kid get through surgery. He comforted an upset mother. He took charge in motivating Christina, Izzy and Meredith to get out of dermatology. Somehow, this week, George wasn’t whiny, incompetent or selfish but rather strong, funny and capable. And though his inability to see Lexi’s misguided feelings towards him demonstrates the same disregard for others that he showed during the Callie misstep, George had an episode this week in which he was entirely more acceptable than usual.

Other winners this week include Callie’s hilarious freaking out,

Bailey’s equally hilarious advice, Izzy’s speech to Alex while scrubbing in, Christina’s obsession with the dermatology residents, Derek demanding $20 from Alex and that fantastic surgery in which Sloan pulled off a guy’s face.

Losers include Meredith’s incessantly selfish whining, the same Mer/Der conflict for the 100th time, the lack of Sloan, the idea that Christina would ever lay down on the job, Erica’s slightly creepy obsession and extreme character imbalance.