Such is the principle sentiment of the CW’s new Sunday night show Valentine(which they finally posted online last night).

It’s about time someone made a show about love. It’s not a show about sex or relationships or any of the other things most TV shows are about… it’s about love. And Gods. And Magic. And all sorts of gooey, lovely, warm and fuzzy things. And I love it.

Sure Valentine has its issues. It’s unflinchingly corny, the characters are archetypes and the plots are a little contrived. But it’s just so happy!!!!!!

I guarantee you this show will be cancelled before the year’s out (there just isn’t a market for happy goop anymore) but as long as it’s on I will look forward to Sunday nights, which I now deem “happy time”.


Also: the girl of the year, Autumn Reeser has popped up again. This time as the cooky hippy girl to whom the oracles speak- Phoebe Valentine. IMDB has her only listed in 2 episodes, which gives me pause, but I suppose 2 is better than 1. And the way the past few months have been going, she’ll probably show up somewhere else unexpected, bringing new delight.

Go watch Valentine on It needs the viewers and you need the optimism and love- trust me, everyone does.