Don’t get me wrong, the show was great again this week. But is it just me or are the judges wrong a lot this year? I thought that disco routine (like almost all disco routines) was horrible and they praised the hell out of it. The lyrical hip hop was the first lyrical hip hop I haven’t liked all year- it was cheesy and awkward- and they loved it. The opening Latin ballroom was good, the Mia routine was wonderful, the first hip hop was great, the Broadway was entertaining, Will’s solo was hysterical and everything else got way more applause than it deserved. I never much liked Courtney, I haven’t liked Chelsie or Josh since they were separated from their original partners, Mark hasn’t had a good dance since he was pulled away from Chelsie, the new judge got on my nerves with all her talk of “the street”, Mary has amped up the annoying to extreme levels this year, Nigel is more and more of a flamboyant loser every week, the dancers seem to still be making more mistakes than ever in seasons before and Comfort refuses to leave.

The shining light of the week, however, was that Katee (hands down the best female dancer) was paired with Twitch (my favourite dancer and the best and most versatile hip hopper ever on the show). Katee has never had a bad routine (as Nigel finally pointed out tonight) and Twitch deserved a really great partner after weeks of the lovely but middle-of-the-pack Kherington then a week of partnering Comfort. Twitch dances everything like it’s his style and has never taken a “well, he is an untrained hip hopper” excuse. In my opinion, if a hip hopper will ever win this show, it’ll be Twitch this season with the unfailingly brilliant Katee trailing right behind him.