As the couples tackle 2 dances for the first time, Joshua and Katee stay close to the top of the pack, Jessica scoots buy once again on Will’s coattails, Twitch and Kherington finally prove that they truly deserve the popularity that their charisma has earned them, Courtney and Gev save themselves with incomparable solos and Mark and Chelsie continue to grow and move into their new spot as my favourite couple as my original favourites are left behind.

Matt and Kourtni had another disappointing week. I honestly believe that they were plagued with bad timing and luck throughout the competition but the truth remains that they were the weakest of the week and whether I like it or not, the judges had to send them home. Contemporary dancers, the only contemporary routine they got to dance was an oddball anime routine from an untested choreographer that more resembled jazz than contemporary. They were plagued with inaccessible ballroom, consistent unfair comments from Nigel and perhaps the only sub-par Mandy Moore routine ever on the show. But when their time came, and they had underperformed, they failed to tear their hearts out and leave them on the solo dance floor and because of it, they are gone from the competition. Sad though I am to see my favourite dancers go and know that I won’t get to see them on tour, it was the fair thing to do and the judges were being as fair as they could be this week. I will miss my giant dance idols immensely.

Now for the good news of the week… Twitchington has finally stepped up. Likable personalities and fan favourites from the beginning, Twitch and Kherington were guaranteed to go far but before this week all of their dances had been good. Just good. Never great. This week they were great. Blessed with a Mia Michaels contemporary routine (and one of her best, at that), Twitch and Kherington proved that the charisma and technique they’ve shown in previous weeks can translate into a heartrendingly emotional piece of dance perfection. In a week when I had to give up on my favourite couple, it was reassuring to see some of my other favourites really step it up.

In other news… with 2 more out of the park routines, Mark and Chelsie have taken a solid lead in the race to be my new favourite couple.