I’ve said it before but I just watched the latest installment of the show that is almost single-handedly (alongside So You Think You Can Dance) getting me through the summer TV draught.

Haven’t gotten into it yet?

My Boys is a unique sitcom: the friendships seem real, not forced; not everyone looks like a character from the OC; PJ (the lead) is a real girl who wears sneakers and drinks beer and says “dude” and is insecure around “those girls with, like, really tiny wrists”; the characters all look the right age; there are some platonic male-female friendships that somehow have managed to stay that way and, even when they are ridiculous, all the characters are real and recognizable and human. I know these boys, and I know PJ, and I know Stephanie (the token girly girl). I, like most girls I know, can see myself in PJ… which is refreshing after years of Rachel Green being the TV portrait of a “normal girl”. Oh, and seriously, that McConaughey impression- perfect!

My Boys is on TBS, Monday nights (at least that’s when my PVR catches it). In the States it airs on Thursdays- GO FIND IT and fall for Bobby, laugh with Mike, pity Andy and wish you had your very own Brendan.