I think this week’s episodes of So You Think You Can Dance deserve applause. After last week’s disappointing turn and the uninspiring auditions that proceeded it I was sure that this would be the year I didn’t care. I liked one couple (Twitch and Kherington) and admired one other (Joshua and Katee) but that was the end of it. The dances seemed slower and less challenging and there were more mistakes than I was used to seeing. The judges seemed to always be wrong. There was too much Dan. There was no Shane. They even sent home the wrong girl last week (though they got the right guy).

and then this week happened.

Last week’s only truly successful dancers (Joshua and Katee) topped their spectacular hip hop performance with a wonderfully entertaining Broadway number. They also stepped up as people I actually want to cheer for.

Twitchington re-emerged as not only the most likable couple but stunningly beautiful and surprising dancers with a sentimental Viennese Waltz.

Odd couple Mark and Chelsie proved to be a hilarious pair who are genuinely likable each in their own right and who work as a seamless team.

The couple I thought got the least credit for their work last week didn’t get much more this week but proved that they can bounce back and sparkle even under unfair scrutiny. Matt and Kourtni seem to have so much faith in each other and themselves that you can’t help but have faith in them too. After this week’s superb foxtrot and fun behind the scenes footage, they’re near the top of my list

AND, the best news of all, this week not only did America get the bottom three right (Susie and Marquis, Comfort and Chris, Chelsea and Thayne) but the judges finally said sayonara to the one contestant I really couldn’t stand, Susie. Her partner Marquis left as well, leaving all the couples in tact.

This week topped all the low expectations I had going into it. Even Gev (who I had thought to be this year’s hip hop one trick pony) stepped up with a completely respectable contemporary performance while other poppers Joshua and Twitch defied the standard and blew the roof off the place with styles that weren’t their own (Broadway and the Viennese Waltz respectively). Quirky Mark threw us a sexy Argentine Tango. Tall girl Kourtni proved that grace isn’t always petite. Matt and Chris taught Nigel that they have personalities. Mia was on the judging panel. Shane choreographed the group number. Nigel demonstrated Krumping. Cat helped Chelsie with her shoes… all was right with the world again.