Lost returned this week with an exceptional episode. Not only were the Oceanic 6 given their “we just got rescued” flashback which cleared up a lot of muddy plot but the episode was a return to the time when Lost wasn’t just about the next big plot twist. Though always full of shocking developments and revelations (like last night’s dynamite on the boat and Claire’s mother revealing her paternity to Jack), at its roots, Lost was about character. The showrunners always took the time to show small, subtle character moments instead of just biding time between plot developments. This feature fell off a bit towards the middle of this season, and I’ve really missed it. Last night was a return to form. The touching moment when the Oceanic 6 greeted their families and Kate was left alone was extremely poignant. I almost cried when Sayid was reunited with Nadia and I literally jumped up and cheered when Sun stood up to her father. Last night Lost found its way back to being not only a thrilling mythology but an emotional character study as well.