JULIET!!!!! she’s one of my favourite castaways. I was sooo happy to see her get an episode this season. We know so little about her, its fun to find out more about the island and the others and what they were doing pre– Oceanic 815. Tonight’s revelation that Ben’s in love with her was awesome (not to mention how awesome was that kiss- her and Jack sizzle… “he thinks I’m his and he knows how I feel about you). I’m glad they haven’t abandoned flashbacks completely. I’m excited to find out what happens off the island in the future but there’s still so much back story we havnt learned yet that I was worried we may never find out once they introduced the new flash forwardformat.

On another note: DON’T TRUST BEN! Locke is being an idiot- Ben’s always SEEMED trustworthy and never has been, why trust him now?

and Penny’s dad’s the big bad? OK then.

next episode had better be Sun & Jin, we haven’t seen them substantially in forever.

Also… Hurley: “I’m just lucky”. THIS COMMENT IS IMPORTANT, don’t ignore it! Hurley’s been specifically unlucky since he won the lottery. Darlton (executive producers Damon and Carlton) did that on purpose- pay attention.

PS: I hate Charlotte. The “rescuers”, in my opinion, are the weakest cast additions since the tailies (except Farraday– everyone, me included, loves Farraday). Lets off them and move on!