Disk Five of Buffy Season 2 on DVD

two episodes, back to back feature 3 hollywood actors of the swoon-worthy sort (all before they got famous, all in small to tiny parts)

I Only Have Eyes For You stars Christopher Gorham (later in life to star in Popular, Out of Practice, Ugly Betty and more)


Go Fish stars Wentworth Miller (of Prison Break fame in a role that requires him to say “dude” more than once- something he should NEVER do- it just sounds weird from him. he’s also playing an unfocused, slightly thick high schooler and let’s face it- we all know Wentworth’s the smartest guy in the world, it was very weird to see him play Gage- still as beautiful as ever though)

it also features Shane West (later to star in A Walk to Remember and join the cast of ER) in a role with 2 lines. that’s right 2 LINES.

let’s also thank the buffyverse for not only jump starting these 3 favourites but for also giving us David Boreanaz, Nikki Brandon, James Marsters and for introducing the spectacular Ally Hannigan to the world (not a hot guy like the others but spectacular and completely worth a mention, also anyone who later was on How I Met Your Mother needs to be cheered)