Last night was the second episode of the year of the only show I’ve been faithful to since the beginning. This year, it’s 7th, is the last year of the wonderful show that is Gilmore Girls. Every other show I watch is either less than 3 years old or I picked up after it began. Many shows I gave up on and returned to. All the shows I ever watched faithfully have gone off the air in the past 4 years. Gilmore Girls is the exception. With a new show runner, a final season and a big mess to clean up after last year’s finale, the show is coping quite well as of yet.

Last night’s episode had some shocking developments (Lane’s pregnancy), some great repartee (Rory and Lane on celebrity baby names) and it’s fair share of heartbreak (The saga of Luke and Lorelai). I must admit, with the exception of the 5th season, I have always liked Christopher. I like him and Lorelai together, he’s a lovely, caring and witty character. Trouble is: Lorelai loves Luke and Luke loves her back and that’s all that should really matter.