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“Since breaking into the Canadian country music scene, JoJo Mason has been on a continued mission to find his own unique voice and connect with fans through his music. With an incredible six Top 10 tracks, he has earned a CRIA Gold-certification for his single “Better On You” and accumulated over 50 million career streams to date. He released his compelling new single “Bottom Shelf,” on April 12th via 604 Records / Warner Music Canada and all streaming platforms. He is a multiple Canadian Country Music Association Award nominee, has earned the coveted title of Entertainer of the Year (2022) via the BC Country Music Association Awards and won BreakOut West’s Country Artist of the Year Award (2023). Recently, JoJo launched his “Mental Health Mondays” project on the 604 Podcast Network. Fans can now tune in biweekly to hear JoJo discuss topics of mental health well-being, goal setting and more”.


When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

I knew I wanted to do something in the world that really made a difference. I’ve always wanted to be in a position to impact people’s lives in whatever positive light I can and when I got an opportunity to be a musician I jumped at it without hesitation. I know what music is and what music does for me and the thought I could possibly be that for someone else is WILD.


Are you trained? How did you develop your skills?

I am not professionally trained, no. But there are a lot of people that are so I had reached out and found myself a vocal coach. Her and I did a handful of sessions together to try and get me to unlock and understand my voice and the discovery process has been amazing!


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Some of my biggest influences are so far on the ends of spectrums but I that’s what music is all about. I love anything from Brad Paisley to Boyz II Men, Backstreet Boys to Morgan Wallen. Some of my favourite Country Artists right now are actually a couple: Megan Patrick and Mitchell Tenpenny!


How would you describe your sound?

If I were to describe my sound, I think it would probably be a mix of Fergie and Jesus… JK! Country Soul Music is how I’d categorize it! Country music is so beautiful right now because there is so much room for everyone to grow and thrive and I don’t think there has been a better time in music to be authentically yourself.


What’s your favourite tune in your repertoire and why?

This answer is probably different for the fellas in the band but I have and will always love singing my song “Better On You”. It was one of those songs that fell into my lap, that was fully able to express a few (Cuz there’s an infinite list obviously) of the things I love about my Wife. She is the second greatest thing that’s ever happened in my life, next to the birth of my son, and I love singing that song to her.


What can audiences expect from one of your live shows?

People can expect a fun, entertaining, moment filled, exciting, maybe even funny show. I’ve been known to crack a dad joke or two, give some hugs, get the crowd involved, but mostly y’all can expect to see someone who absolutely loves what they do.


Where can we find your music?

Oooohhhhh baby! Y’all can find my music EVERYWHERE you can stream music! Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Play, Youtube. Thanks for thinking of me for this one!!


Twitter: @jojomasonmusic

Facebook: /jojomasonmusic

Instagram: @jojomasonmusic