Our schedule is crazy during Toronto Fringe. We never have time to make it home between shows, which means we’re constantly trying to grab something fast and affordable on the go (I was going to say “halfway nutritious” too but I’m about to recommend a doughnut place so I figured I’d better not).


Here’s our guide to our go-to’s near the theatres.


Near TPM/Factory: Mean Bao

Located just North of the Factory Theatre (on the way to Theatre Passe Muraille), this dumpling & bao counter has some of the city’s best dim sum, prepared in minutes. It’s unglamorous and delicious and, most importantly, fast.


Near Tarragon: Chadwicks, Creeds, First & Last

This is my angstiest section of this post because my heart and my head are deeply at odds. I have neither the time nor money during Fringe to go for a sit-down dinner but I couldn’t leave Chadwicks off my list because it’s tradition that I go every time I’m at the Tarragon. The cake slices are getting smaller, the waiter who remembered my order moved away, and really truly if you have time to go between shows you haven’t scheduled yourself well enough, but I will always love Chadwicks.


Which leaves me with Creeds, the super giant and wildly overpriced coffee bar with a few toast-heavy food options that’s so conveniently located just up the street from Tarragon that it’s impossible not to go in. The prices are truly insane (it’s like $10 for a vanilla latte) but there are so many tables and so many outlets and it’s like they know exactly what I need (and can never find) during Fringe. I hate that this is the answer, but this is the answer.


I wish the answer was First & Last, the very good coffee bar you pass on your way to the Tarragon from Dupont Station. It’s adorable and the coffee is some of the best in the city. Alas they’re not open very late and they have basically no seating so it’s not actually very practical. Definitely a recommendation if you’re looking for something grab & go early in the day though.


Near St. Vlads: Glory Hole Doughnuts

There are quite a few food options near St. Vlads (where KidsFest usually is) but the most fun is definitely Glory Hole Doughnuts’ new Harbord location. They’ve got a little seating if you need to jot down some thoughts but mostly this is on the list because you deserve a treat and their London Fog doughnut is maybe my favourite treat in all of Toronto (the butter pecan might be second).


Near the Al Green: Daily Dumpling Wonton Co., The Fringe Tent

Truth be told, I’m never around at the right time/inclined to hang out near the artists enough to actually eat at the Fringe Tent but I know they have lots of food options so I’m including them here because I’m supportive like that.


Realistically, my go-to Annex quick bite is Daily Dumpling Wonton Co. even though being in that space always makes me sad because Greg’s Ice Cream is dead and I loved them so very much. Daily Dumpling is good, fast, and not too terrible for you. My stop there is usually the most nourished I feel all Fringe.