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“Toronto based, JUNO Award-winning children’s group Splash’N Boots, released their new album I Am Love on October 28th via The Orchard and all streaming platforms. I Am Love provides a safe space for children while encouraging them to express their emotions and grow together. Across their 14 album career, Splash’N Boots, have garnered over 7.5 million career streams to date, over 12 million views on Youtube and performed over 5,000 shows across North America. On television, they have appeared daily in over 8.5 million homes across Canada with their number one TV show The Big Yellow Boot on Treehouse TV and Disney Jr. Canada, and recently wrote and produced an episode for Sesame Street. Over time Splash’N Boots have proven their original songs and live shows bring community and joy to all, but music is just the beginning for their stewardship in raising awareness on important causes for children. The duo continue to lead by example with their worldwide pen pal program that is specific for children with Autism called “Lucas’ Letters”. Their commitment to philanthropy with organizations such as SickKids Hospital and MusiCounts shows the dedication they have built around their community”.


When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

Taes: I grew up with music all around me so it was always kind of assumed that was what I would do. My Grandpa was a music teacher and led a band and my mom was a piano teacher so music was just always there and something I loved.


Nick: I grew up singing around the piano with my mom and brothers, music was around me so much. I never thought I could actually make music for a living, but growing up on a chicken farm I quickly realized that I wasn’t a very good farmer…so that wasn’t an option.


Are you trained? How did you develop your skills?

Taes: I took a music degree at Queen’s University and have been in vocal lessons since I was a kid, but to be honest most of the training has just been from doing so many shows and albums.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

Nick: We pull from all types of musical genres, but for me Great Big Sea and Barenaked Ladies were huge in developing my songwriting and guitar playing techniques


How would you describe Splash’N Boots’ sound?

The thing about music for kids is that you can really blend and mix genres together, which always makes it exciting. We would like to think the Splash’N Boots ‘Sound’ is one of authentic lyrics and music that makes you tap into your true feelings.


What’s your favourite tune in the Splash’N Boots repertoire and why?

Taes: I actually think my favourite song is probably “Bumblebee” which is a real classic at our shows, kids and parents know it and are singing along and it’s so special to look out and have them singing together about how much they love each other.

Nick: We have a new song called “B R A V E” that we have started to perform live and it seems it’s really resonating with our audiences. I love when children tell us how and when they were brave during this song.


What can audiences expect from one of Splash’N Boots live shows?

A Splash’N Boots show is really about connection more than anything. Every song we do we plan out how we connect to the audience, how they are involved in the song and what their part is is really important to us. We read the crowd and make up the set list as we go…do they want more dancing or singing…how old are they…all of this affects the show we do. We look at shows as a chance for adults and kids to take some space out of their day-to-day life and be entertained but mostly to leave feeling connected to each other and their community. I think that’s the magic of music, it helps us all connect to feelings and also brings so much joy.


Where can we find Splash’N Boots’ music?

Anywhere music is streamed, and we keep getting the odd message that fans are finding our past CD’s in Walmart.. So check those CD sale bins too!


Twitter: @Splashnboots

Facebook: /splashnboots

Instagram: @splashnboots