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Kassandra Clack

“Based out of Maple Ridge, BC, Kassandra Clack is a tenacious country artist who is no stranger to radio buzz in both major and satellite radio markets. With her most recent involvement as a finalist in Canadian Music Week’s Jim Beam 2021 Talent Search, Kassandra has enhanced her industry presence while telling stories from the heart. Determined to further herself as a nationally syndicated country artist, her releases “Buy My Own Beer”, “Stolen” and “Are You with Me” were all added to SiriusXM’s country rotation. In 2021, “Buy My Own Beer” made its way to Yangaroo/DMDS’ “Top 5 Country Downloaded” and “Most Active Indie” charts. Kassandra has been featured coast to coast on CBC Country Radio, JFRM and Country 93.3 FM.”


When did you know you wanted to be a professional musician?

There has forever been a song in my heart. Everyday, I am so grateful that my purpose found me so early on in this lifetime. When I recognized my music resonating with others; it became so fulfilling and was made abundantly clear that connecting with people through songwriting and authentic genuine moments was what I was meant to do.


Are you trained? How did you develop your skills?

I am constantly on the hunt for ways to level up and hone my craft. If I’m not Zooming, writing, in vocal sessions, networking or scheduling on the daily, I’m sick. My motto is ‘What doesn’t get scheduled doesn’t get done’.


I enjoy growth. I crave it. And I have found that in prioritizing my own growth, I have been able to help harness a bit of a toolbox in order to really cheer on colleagues in this industry. I love cheering on my tribe!


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I love me some Shania, Shedaisy and Carrie Underwood. Throw in some FGL and I’m a happy camper. I’ve really enjoyed integrating a few new rich pop sounds coming from Ariana, Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys into my new music.


What’s your favourite tune in your repertoire and why?

“Airplane Champagne” currently has my heart as I know how badly we all want to be whisked away on an escape these days. Post (ish) – pandemic, we all are craving a getaway for some R&R. That is the experience I really wanted every listener to feel when hearing this song.


What can audiences expect from one of your live shows?

It’s a surprise. You’ll have to come to find out! In all seriousness, every show is carefully curated for my friends. We spend time thoughtfully considering what our intention is for every friend/listener’s experience and are so mindful that every live show is precious moments that I get with my friends and strive for that to be portrayed in my shows.


Where can we find your music?

Anywhere and everywhere YOU listen to music. Siriusxm CBC Country Channel 171SpotifyApple MusicAmazonYoutube 

Facebook: /KassClack

Instagram: @kassandraclack

Twitter: @KassandraClack