To help cope with isolation during COVID-19 quarantines, we brought together a group of theatre lovers to perform cold readings of some of our favourite scripts over Zoom. We began with the complete works of Shakespeare then expanded, eventually tackling nearly 100 different texts over the course of two years. Corona Cold Reads, along with Corona Movie Club, kept us sane through the pandemic and fostered a sense of community when we couldn’t actively participate in our local ones.


Up next is a little mini-season featuring a few classics from the French theatrical canon (in English translation of course). To begin, we chose the sublime Cyrano de Bergerac, often thought of as the greatest piece of French theatre. The runtime is epic, the cast is sprawling, the story is not to be missed. (Note: this is a great one to catch on our YouTube page, if only for the nose).


Listen in audio form below (or on iTunes) then tune into our YouTube page to check out the video versions of all our live readings.


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The Cast of Cyrano de Bergerac:

Cyrano- Elizabeth Yvette Ramirez

Christian- Hilary Wartinger

Roxana- Elizabeth Rose Morriss

LeBret- Melissa Wright

Ragueneau/Bellerose- Weldon Goree

De Guiche/An Actress- Gabrielle Simone Grice

Foodseller/Another Voice/First Precieuse/First Cook/Third Poet/Sentry/Sister Marthe- Laura Hubbard

Doorkeeper/Montfleury/Another Actress/Second Cook/Fourth Poet/Mother Marguerite- Marlo K Shaw

Cavalryman/Pickpocket/Second Precieuse/Third Cook/First Cadet/Sister Claire- Nicole Falgoust

Musketeer/Third Precieuse/Duenna/Fourth Cook/Sixth Cadet/Nun- Saiya Floyd

First Marquis/Jodelet/Young Musketeer/Apprentice/Second Cadet- Tal Katz

Cuigy/A Lady/Fourth Precieuse/Lise/A Porter/Fourth Cadet- Mark Kreder

Brisaille/A Boy/Citizen’s Son/First Child/A Man of Letters/Another Sentry/Fifth Cadet- Christopher Prentice

Ligniere/Citizen/ First Poet/Second Cadet/Capuchin/Soldier- Shawn Wilson

Second Marquis/Viscount de Valvert/Second Poet/Third Cadet- Shalyn Bass-McFaul