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Molly Annelle

“Molly’s journey is one that began at the tender age of five, when the Vancouver-based songstress penned her very first song- Obscure Bird. Four years later, at just nine-years-old, she was named Young Composer of the Year, writing four-part harmonies for the Vancouver Chamber Choir. At 18 years old, Molly relocated to Toronto and is armed with a mesmerizing voice that is well beyond her years and impossible to ignore. Thanks to a distinctive flair for bending language to fit melody, the young musician is ready to take the world by storm — combining the essence of R&B jams, Bossa Nova bops and Yé Yé girl pop that results in a tone all her own. Her new single “Dior” came out November 12 via 604 Records.”


When did you know you wanted to be a musician?

To be honest, I think as soon as I was aware that a musician was an actual way of being I wanted to be exactly that. It might sound cheesy, but it really wasn’t just a hobby with me, it was a way of life. As soon as I could sit on the piano stool, I plink plonked away on the keys making up gibberish tunes. My mum tells me that when she was pushing me in the pram, I would get her to harmonize with me!


Are you trained? How did you develop your skills?

I am a trained pianist. I started taking lessons when I was about four and did the Royal Conservatory practical and theory exams. I also learned to play the guitar, bass and drums. I got Logic when I was 9 and that opened up a whole new world of songwriting opportunities for me. Also, I sang in choir all through high school. I started taking singing lessons with the amazing Sara Ramsey a couple of years ago and that did wonders for my voice.


Who are some of your biggest musical influences?

I remember hearing Sabrina Claudio when I was about 14 and her songwriting skills blew my mind. I love the lusciousness of her tone. Joni Mitchell’s poetry and lyrical story writing abilities are the gold standard for me. Her art is truly ageless. I really love jazz too but have been really freaking out over 90s R&B lately – especially Aaliya, Lauryn Hill and the iconic Mariah Carey. I get huge inspo for production ideas from SZA, Tyler the Creator and Daniel Caesar. And as for the Mozart of our times, Jacob Collier, really words fail me.


How would you describe your sound?

Hmmmm. I suppose you could say it’s dreamy pop, 90s R&B and jazzy-ish. It’s a hard question to answer as it depends on the song! Like Dior is fun and poppy but upcoming songs tap more into the R&B side of my soul.


What’s your favourite tune in your repertoire and why?

For my favorite song in my repertoire, I would have to say ‘Never Better’ because I got the chance to collab with the incomparable Young Friend.


What can audiences expect from one of your live shows?

I love to entertain and absolutely love love to perform. I like to mix up my set with deep cuts from my first home produced EP, Pick Me Ups, my album that came out earlier this year, Elevator Music, current releases and of course I love to throw in a couple of covers too. During my most recent show I did Rain and Say My Name. It was such a fun show. Can’t wait to do the next one!


Where can we find your music?

You can find my music everywhere, on all the digital streaming services, Spotify, Apple Music, it’s also on You Tube. (I also have a few music videos on there.) And maybe even the odd song might sneak in on the radio!

Twitter: @_mollyannelle

Facebook: /annellemolly

Instagram: @_mollyannelle