At the ATX Television Festival, we got the chance to talk to lots of great TV-makers. One of our favourite experiences was with the people who make Genius for National Geographic. The anthology show is wrapping up its Picasso season tonight and the team is about to embark on their third go-round, this time exploring the world of groundbreaking novelist Mary Shelley.

For the first of two Live at ATX podcast episodes, we take a behind-the-scenes look at how Genius: Picasso got made and what we can expect from Shelley. In a series of exclusive sit-downs, we got the scoop on the show’s writing process and how a new title genius gets selected from showrunner Ken Biller. Production Designer Arv Greywal, Costume Designer Sonu Mishra, and Makeup Designer Davina Lamont walked us through the creation of the look of the show. And Editor Debby Germino gave us key insight into how it all comes together.

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