Today’s Video of the Day (look! I’m doing it ALMOST, sort of, every day now!) comes from the great Philip DeFranco, who is officially my new favourite person. Here he takes on the race “controversy” surrounding the Hunger Games casting, the George Zimmerman fiasco and a couple other things with the sort of refreshing “are you fucking kidding me?!” attitude that is the only one that makes sense to me on such matters. The video was a couple days behind the times already when I got to it, but his points are still valid and the news could be years old and it wouldn’t take away from the fast-talking charm of one of the internet’s “sexiest geeks” (seriously, he won the Wired poll in ’08).

And that signature tag: “I love your faces”, awesome. We love your face too, Philip.

Visit his website HERE for more great videos (I particularly like the one where he just answers rapidfire questions) and audio (his 2 and half minute Hunger Games review is just uninsightful enough to be funny).