I’m not a massive computer gamer. I remember some good times with “Castle Explorer” and “Muppet Treasure Island” back on my Windows ’95 PC and the old commodore 64 had this great brainteaser thing I don’t remember the name of. But when it comes to the modern stuff, I’ve pretty much given it up. That is until this treacly sweet study in simplicity fell across my lap a few hours ago.

Colour My Fate isn’t hardcore; it’s not for Halo regulars looking for a new diversion. Rather, it’s a short-form, warm-hearted Christmas adventure with a lovely over-arching metaphor of making the world a better place. The simple stick figure graphics pair with gorgeous tinkling piano score for a calming and entrancing effect as you guide your character through a multi-level city sketch in search of colours with which to decorate for the holidays.

As you put the final star on the Colour My Fate’s endgame Christmas tree you’ll have long forgotten the game’s simplistic nature and embraced the spirit of the season. Give it a try, you’ll come away a little happier for having coloured the black and white world.

The Game URL: http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/522447