The lunch jam was annoyingly over-processed, no one cares about Emma and Will, Santana’s betrayal is unbelievable and the rejection of Vanessa Lengies was just sad (how many years has that girl been playing a teenager? 13 years!) But Chris Colfer is still one of the best young actors on TV, every single character got at least a little air time, we established that we get at least one more year of Artie and Tina, Blaine is now at McKinley (though it’s stupid for him to leave as great a school as Dalton just for a boy, I’m glad we get to see more of him!), Kurt is running for student council, a highschool musical has been pitched (a storyline they should’ve done ages ago) and the show ended with a creative then classic take on one of my all-time favourite musical theatre songs, “You Can’t Stop the Beat”.

Glee is back and I’m glad to see it.

It was alright premiere, nothing special but nothing terrible either. But the one thing I’ll say:

The Glee Project dynamo made a surprise appearance in the premiere as Rachel’s university admissions competition. Armed with the best voice Glee‘s ever seen (Idina excluded, obviously), Lindsay sang and danced circles around Lea Michele’s Rachel, appropriately sending her into a tailspin of self doubt. And while I’m incredibly disappointed (if not surprised) that Ryan Murphy is wasting her on a role that doesn’t have the expansion capacity I would have liked (come on, make her a freshman, give yourself a shot at having a real leading lady after Lea leaves!), I couldn’t be more thrilled to see Lindsay’s debut. Now who’s excited for the episode 4 arrival of Damian?!