My Dearest Constantine,

A few weeks back, when I made my bachelor scale, you ranked in the top 3 even though you’d had almost no screen time. But the scale is a measure of MY favourites, not who should be with Ashley (as evidenced by Ben being quite far down the list when he was actually most suited to Ashley). What I said about you, in particular, was that you were completely wrong for her and definitely wrong for the show but what set you apart was the way you seemed to exist in an honest and genuine way, instead of a reality TV way.

So this week I would like to extend to you my thanks and appreciation for the way you left The Bachelorette. You weren’t mean, glib or hurtful at all, but you knew you weren’t right for Ashley so you left instead of staying out of misconstrued duty, to try and become the next Bachelor, to see how far you could make it, to gain a little more fame, or to get her into the fantasy suite. The right to leave isn’t one that very many people in the history of this series have ever exercised, and certainly none of them have done it with the respect and grace with which you did.

That, sir, was a standup move. Thank you for being the guy I thought you were.