The new season of Big Brother is one episode old and already it’s a big let down. Okay, maybe that’s a little harsh. The reason it’s a big let down is that, for a couple reasons, it could be a really good season. I love the idea of nominating pairs and having to negotiate the fact that whomever doesn’t get eliminated gets a free pass to the top 10. I think the concept will hit a snag in a couple weeks but for now it adds the best new strategic element to the game since the introduction of the veto. The more they can do to force the players to think ahead, the tougher the game and therefore the better the season. Which brings me to the second reason it could be a really great season. When upping the strategic element of the game, what better than to bring in some of the great strategic players to teach these new kids the ropes? And none of the great strategic players have existed in a bubble, they’ve all had partners. When I wrote my 2010 Big Brother recap I said that what I’d like to see is a battle of the alliances. I want to see strategists Will and Dan go up against each other with their trusty partners Boogie and Memphis right alongside them.

Instead, we get three of the worst duos they could possibly have thought of. 1) Jeff and Jordan? Really? They’re cute, we get it, they’re nice, amusing TV. They have half a brain between them. Big Brother, this is why you are such a joke (well, this and the fact that your first competition of the season was holding on to a big banana) 2) Dick and Daniele? I know people think they’re great players but those people are wrong. Season 8 was full of morons, that’s all. They’re a dysfunctional, narcissistic, un-entertaining team of psychopaths who bring out the worst in everyone around them. The fact that people idolize Dick’s gameplay gives me a stomach ache. And then there’s pairing number 3). Rachel and Brendon. I don’t actually mind this one so much. They’re obnoxious, loud, annoying as all get out. They are no fun at all to watch. But they know how to play Big Brother. They’re mighty in competitions and smart as all get out. They haven’t got very good PR skills (the big hole in their game play) but you could see Rachel’s wheels turning the second Julie signed off tonight.
They might be worth watching, if I can put up with them. But I can’t get over the wasted opportunity of strategic players getting after this new twist. What about season 3’s Jason and Danielle, Chilltown, the Renegades, gosh I would have even tried season 12’s Matt and Reagan as a fun and smart duo before resorting to some of these idiots. Big Brother had their pick of great teams and they simply picked wrong.

Of the new kids, I’m putting my money on Cassie right now as the breakout star of the year. I like her already. She picked a smart partner, doesn’t seem susceptible to the boys (unlike idiot Porsche) and appears to be pretty low maintenance (unlike annoying Kalia). So far, she’s promising.