I don’t think I know anyone who doesn’t love Adele. The soulful singer blasts from speakers in the cool shops on Queen West,  features on the ipods of everyone from moms to university students to spin class patrons and was even covered by two of Broadway’s brightest young stars on Glee (whose rendition of “Rolling in the Deep” doesn’t even hold a candle to the original). She just broke the record for fastest digital record to hit 1 million copies, inspires hoards with her retro style and sheer swagger and steals another couple thousand hearts every time she graces a talk show (like Chelsea Lately in the video I couldn’t upload) with her quick wit, cool attitude and trademark candour.

The girl is just plain amazing.

At 23, the singer/songwriter has already added her thunderous voice to two hit albums, each named for the age she was when the boyfriend the album is about broke her heart (the first is 19, the second 21).

Just so you get the full picture, above is a video of her performing one of my favourite songs, “Make You Feel My Love”. She’ll steal your heart too, then you can go buy her albums; in case you haven’t heard, they’re sort of a big deal on iTunes.