After falling behind at the worst possible time (in a U turn leg right after a non-elimination leg), one of the best teams in Amazing Race history was eliminated tonight leaving a final group of unexpected racers. There was no way, going into this season, I would have expected a final grouping that didn’t include the epic cowboy brothers Jet and Cord. But somehow they were passed by likable (except when they be crazy) but inconsistent racers like the Globetrotters and the Goths, and by people I like only half the time (Zev/Justin, Jen/Kisha). Dark horse team Gary/Mallory is my new pick to win, if only because I think she’s the most adorable person on the planet.


Once again the true best of the best doesn’t win all-stars; isn’t that always the case? With the exception of the most recent season of Top Chef (I love you Blais!), I can’t recall an all-star season with the appropriate winner. It’s often the sidekick of the true genius who takes home the prize (Survivor’s Amber over her future husband Rob or Big Brother‘s Boogie over best friend/chilltown compatriot Will). Sometimes it’s just a random winner altogether (Sandra? Really?!) In this case, tonight’s result cinched another all-star season without the perfect winner (although starting the season without some of the all-time great teams did set them back from the start- it’s a shame Brook and Claire couldn’t run). But the door has not yet shut on a truly lovable team taking home the prize- there are still a couple options, so here’s hoping for them.