Dear Writers,

You’ve got a lot going for you. The Gossip characters a really interesting lot. Blair and Chuck, especially, are some of the best out there for complexity and comic potential in one. Kristen Bell brings a perfectly dry sensibility to those voice overs of hers and the scale of the scenarios open to you is endless.

But you’re squandering what you’ve got going for you.

The dialogue has been dragging of late. It’s clunky and cheesy, overdramatic and just plain not that clever. Sillier shows than you have been stepping up their game in recent seasons; 90210 and One Tree Hill have been pulling out one liners worthy of shows of much sturdier reputations. You’ve often been considered the grandest of the modern teen soaps, and yet you’ve succumbed to mediocre dialogue? Step up please.

Story-wise, you’re doing all right right now. Damien and Vanessa are always annoying and the Bass Industries sale isn’t exactly the makings of a great corporate espionage tale but I’m enjoying Ben as a character and the extra Eric screen time is always appreciated. The Thorpes are a bit of an energy suck, to be completely honest, and Nate is in desperate need of a new storyline (let’s see if you can find one that’s not romantic- he’s already dated every girl on the show). On the other hand, there are few things I like more than when Blair’s on an overachieving quest for greatness. Her and Chuck’s mutual decision to go after success than go back to each other was painfully character accurate. I wish she hadn’t quit W, I was really enjoying that story.

But, mostly, I think what you had going with Dan and Blair was truly truly wonderful. The When Harry Met Sally homage of watching a movie over the phone was lovely and I was really enjoying their dynamic. It took the characters to new and interesting places while staying true to their individual identities as two of the most culturally intelligent (and just plain intelligent) characters in the show. I was so hopeful for this new friendship-specific dynamic that was so interesting for both characters. Predictably, you’ve now ruined it. I need you know how upset that makes me. Please fix it.


Kelly Bedard
Managing Editor, My TV