It’s that time of year again, the kids are off from school, Christmas is here, fall finales have long since passed and every publication under the sun is compiling their “year in review” articles. Now is when we celebrate the best in the year of TV.

It’s time for the fourth annual My TV Awards.

The concept of the “television season” permanently altered by summer runs of shows from Mad Men to Big Brother, we here at My TV choose to acknowledge anything and everything that aired within the confines of 2010, from January to December. That means that for many network shows the episodes in consideration are not necessarily from the same season. But it also means that cable offerings are given equal consideration, even if they don’t adhere to the network season. For example, our 2010 nominations include acknowledgement of the back half of Grey’s Anatomy‘s 6th season and the front half of its 7th; we considered Raising Hope’s first batch as well as Lost’s last and Drop Dead Diva‘s entire Summer/Fall run made the time cutoff. In tricky cases like that of Friday Night Lights, we are taking into consideration its NBC run (because Direct TV is not available to much of our writing staff), so it’s a full season 4 on trial instead of a partial season 5.

So stayed tuned in the coming days as we unveil our nominations for the best of TV in 2010. There are 35 categories of 5 nominees each. Please post in the comments your thoughts on the nominees and email us to vote for your favourites (

The winners will be announced in the New Year.