It’s rare that I post about a show before finishing the episode. It’s rarer still that I post about Glee, since I mostly like it, don’t love it, and let it wash over me in a musically induced coma. But while Kelly’s early review focused on the emotional arch of the most recent, and somewhat hilariously titled “Grilled Cheesus,” I gotta take a moment, just 10 minutes into the episode, to thank the writers for this little Puck scene.


“No, I mean I’m a total Jew for Jesus. He’s my number one hebe. What I don’t like seeing is people using J-money to cramp everybody else’s style. Cause it seems to me that true spirituality, or whatever it is you want to call it, is about enjoying the life that you’ve been given. I mean I see God everytime I make out with a new chick… At this time I’d like to continue my streak of only doing songs by Jewish artists…” before launching into a painfully wonderful rendition of Billy Joel’s anthem to sex-to-avoid-ironic-death, “Only the Good Die Young.”


Thank you, Glee creators, for finally giving Puck a damn solo, and for making him play the Jew-and-proud card. The rest of this episode could turn out where the entire class pledges themselves to Jesus and sings nothing but “Michael Row Your Boat Ashore” until the closing credits, and I’d still consider it a success.