For no real reason, besides that I’ve always been passingly curious about the show and that I stumbled upon a fantastic review of this week’s episode “You Don’t Know How It Feels,” I decided to watch this week’s Cougar Towndespite never having caught a single episode of the show before this.

For the record, I never do this. I’m a firm believer in starting from the beginning, and I dont think I’ve simply jumped into a series mid-way through since I was 11 and I lobbied my parents to lift their television restrictions so I could watch “that awesome Vampire show*” full time. But I I felt inexplicably pulled towards Cougar Town.
And it was fantastic. Heart felt, amusing bordering on hilarious, and packed full of interesting characters, endearing friendships and compelling relationships. Why had no one told me?
Also is it creepy that I think Busy Phillips and the son character should hook up? I’m sure it is, since Phillips is clearly the mom’s friend and the son is just in college, but knowing nothing about the lead up to this episode, they were kind of adorable.
*Buffy, duh!