13 September 2010

Pilot Watch: Nikita

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The CW’s other new offering this season is significantly more promising. A little bit Dollhouse, a dose of Chuck, part late-series Prison Break and lots and lots of Alias, Nikita is suitably kickass and acceptably sexy. It’s not really anything new but it is lots of things entertaining. Melinda Clarke and Shane West add a certain element of the “oh, I used to love them” nostalgia and Maggie Q proves an incredibly engaging star.

Besides, it’s about time The CW had a new show that 1) wasn’t about teenagers and 2) had great action production values. Nikita is both of those things. It’s got a large set of characters, a complex mythology/back story and lots of places to go. It holds promise, that’s what I need out of pilot, not perfection, just promise.

It could get boring fast but for now at least I’m totally on board with Nikita.

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