Seriously? I’m the girl who loves One Tree Hill. I find truth in Gossip Girl, have sophisticated theories about the legitimacy of The OC, thoroughly enjoy 90210 and honestly think early Dawson’s Creek was TV brilliance. But this is where I draw the line.

The only thing less engaging than a cheerleader is a falsely contrary “smart kid” who possesses disproportionate rage towards them. And that’s all Hellcats is about. It’s got the obligatory “alternative” but still gorgeous girl who’s too “smart”/cool for the mainstream (and has the obligatory boy name to go with it- in this case it’s Marti) and the obligatory weak mcguffin that forces her to interact with the mainstream she has no real reason to hate. Basically, the CW’s newest story about hot people doing silly things actual people don’t do is pretty horrendous. 20 minutes in, the only person I could stand to listen to was the psychokiller guy from One Tree Hill, and even that was a stretch. If it wasn’t for Buffy alum D.B.Woodside, I wouldn’t have even made it that far. Flat out not doing the choreography does NOT get you on the cheerleading team. Pre-law students do NOT wear that much eyeliner or have abs like that. And in NO world is cheerleading the only way to save your college carreer. There’s fun then there’s stupid, frivolous and a waste of time. I’m sure you can figure out where Hellcats falls.

I may be being too harsh. Who knows, I may end up giving Hellcats another chance if it doesn’t get canceled in the next few weeks. Afterall, I hated the new 90210 and wrote it off after 10 minutes and now watch it faithfully. You never know. But from what I can tell so far, Hellcats is as bad as it gets.