– Disney princesses cry A LOT. Super happy rainbows and butterflies girl, Tenley, cries at least twice every episode. Ugh.

– Mean is fun. This week’s competition, in which the competitors all filled out candid surveys that ended up hurthing a lot of feelings, was hilarious, interesting and generally awesome. Way better than twister, or pies, though that kissing one was also pretty darn great. 
-You never know. This season’s champion of the outsiders and mainstream-resistor is the notorious Bachelorette villain Wes. And my least favourite bachelor in years (Dave, the champion of “the man code”) has been actually kind of likable on this show (not really likable but kind of likable, which is saying way more than I ever thought I would). Meanwhile, the cute nice guy who always votes the right way and seems generally sweet, Jesse B, was really off-putting on his date with Peyton. Weird.
– Flirts have feelings too. Crazy party girl Natalie’s biggest goal in life is to get married and have kids. Also, she’s strangely vulnerable. Huh?!
– Boys can change. Standard jerk jock guy Kovacs had a revelation this week when he realized that he “100% cares about” (guarded boy talk for “loves”) Elizabeth. It was kinda sweet really. She was crying because everyone voted her for “worst boob job” and he comforted her. Yes, that’s really what happened. Aren’t you worried about the state of humanity right now? You should be.