With last week’s elimination of the last woman standing (Rachel- hilarious actually, should not have gone home!), and this week’s loss of strange-not-funny Jonathan has left a genuinely hilarious final 5 that’s not unlike a very strange boy band. Here’s where they stand in my estimation:

1) Tommy (the cute one)

This week’s set was his funniest yet, and possibly the funniest of the season so far. He’s charming, with great timing, valuable confidence and superb writing skills. My favourite, hands down.

2) Mike (the guy’s guy)
He’s terrifying but somehow lovable. He pulls off jokes that wouldn’t work coming from anyone else. He can get away with saying anything, and he does, and it’s unbelievably funny.

3) Myq (the quirky one)
There’s something quintessentially funny about Myq. It’s like everything he says is draped in irony and I love him for it. His life is a goldmine of classic comedy taboo topics: he’s covered Judaism, veganism, homosexuality, and so many others. Myq seems somehow classic.

4) Roy (the nice guy)
Steady as he goes seems to be how Roy works. He’s funny every week but I’ve somehow always failed to notice. A highlight was last week’s set, which was in large part about chicken nuggets.

5) Felipe (the weird one)

I don’t really get him, but I see how other people do. My least favourite of the lot, Felipe’s still pretty darn funny. His performance style is unique but I just don’t think his jokes are quite as funny as the rest. They’re amusing, but the rest of these guys are firing on all cylinders and Felipe just seems a bit behind.