My favourite Big Brother houseguest made a crucial mistake this week- one that might just end his game tonight in the live double eviction episode. With Enzo on the block (perfect) and Brendon winning the veto (obvious), why wouldn’t Matt lobby to get Hayden put up in his place? He’s already gone anti-brigade by being instrumental in getting Enzo nominated, so why not seal the deal by putting up his less threatening ally alongside him. Instead, Matt went after Ragan, his best friend in the house. All his interviews pinpoint his reasoning as brigade-oriented, but that just doesn’t make sense. I think Matt’s crucial mistake was a direct attempt to convince Britney that he wasn’t unbreakably loyal to Ragan so she would feel more secure. Trouble is, everyone loves Ragan and the brigade has long since turned on Matt, so they controlled the narrative on his move to get Ragan out. Consequently, Matt came out the villain, the move seeming more malicious than desperate. So now he’s on the block and has the votes easily stacked against him (my guess is a unanimous vote, unless Matt apologizes and Ragan comes back to him). Man, Hayden was the way to go- that was so obvious, don’t turn on the one person who has your back unless you have to. Even Will remained loyal to Boogie, showing loyalty to one person is what convinces the others that you are trustworthy- it’s BB 101 (see also season 10’s Dan’s loyalty to a doomed Brian or season 8’s Dick staying true to daughter Daniele- it left the door open for them to turn on everyone else as much as they wanted). Britney liked Matt, she would have put up Hayden if he hadn’t tried for Ragan. Unless there’s some sort of miracle, the best player is leaving the Big Brother house tonight (and taking with him my bragging rights at having picked him out week 1 as the best). Unless Britney pulls her game up I’ve got no one left to cheer for if Matt leaves- come on man, use that “genius” head of yours and get yourself out of this self-made predicament, THINK!