It’s hard to imagine that almost a month has passed and there still has been absolutely no My TV update on Big Brother. The number one guilty pleasure of the summer is usually thoroughly covered by this site. The fact that there is so little to discuss is very telling. Up until this past weekend, I would easily wager that this summer’s Big Brother is the least interesting to date (not including that winter edition which I prefer to pretend did not exist).Luckily enough, things might finally be taking a change for the better. With the ousting of Andrew following the best “on the block” speech in the entire series, a new energy has been added the to series. The loner Andrew called out Kristen and Hayden by finally exposing their hidden showmance. What followed was a complete drama filled episode highlighting Rachel and Kristen’s inevitable battle of the bitches.

There are so few things to say about the current season of Big Brotheryet I have a feeling this will change in the next few episodes. Since this is My TV’s first discussion regarding the current season, it’s only fitting to start with a rating of the current players’ status and anticipated awesomeness to come. Without further ado, here are my current rankings for this years hamsters:

10/ Kristen- This quite floater completely ruined her game this week. Andrew’s revelation of her secret relationship surely did not help matters, but Kristen’s chaotic reaction only confirmed the assertions. Regardless of whether or not the other houseguests believe she does have a showmance with Hayden, Kristen ruined her chances by prolonging a fight with the current HOH. Kristen clearly is the number one player most influenced by her emotions and based on tonight’s nomination ceremony this has really hurt her game play. With the brigade backing Hayden, it’s likely that Kristen’s time in the house is extremely limited unless she wins the POV.

9/ Kathy- Going into this season, Kathy was the one player I wanted to love the most. I still thoroughly enjoy her kind, motherly attitude but this is one hamster that is stuck on the wheel. Kathy has yet to figure out how to play this game. By hugging Kristen and Hayden after Rachel’s HOH victory, Kathy clearly picked a side. It’s one thing to say you want everyone to get along but it’s a completely other thing to comfort the opposition to the HOH. This is one reality show that cannot be won by sympathy alone but rather strategy and smarts. Kathy clearly is lacking both and whether or not she wants to believe it, this is one floater who’s bound to sink.

8/ Hayden- Believe it or not Kristen is not Hayden’s biggest problem. The one aspect of the game which will ruin Hayden’s chances at the grand prize is his likability. All of the contestants seem to enjoy Hayden and think he’s a good guy. This is bound to be detrimental to his game play. At this point, going up against him in the final two would secure a loss for anybody. Hayden will easily be the first member of the Brigade voted out and if Kristen wins the POV you can bet that his days are numbered.

7/ Enzo– His biggest flaw is also similar to Hayden’s. Enzo is a likable guy who hasn’t really proven himself as much of a competitor. I see Enzo being an easy out at some point in the game. He lacks the emotional story to win (like the fake story of his ally Matt) and he lacks the charm to stay in (like his other Brigade ally Lane). Enzo will likely surpass Hayden but my guess is he’s next on the pecking order.

6/ Brendon- The sad truth is that females are seen as much less of a threat than men. As a two time POV winner, Brendon will easily be targeted by most of the men in the house. Unless he wins HOH next week, Brendon is doomed for failure. His only hope would be winning the POV for a third time or having Britney or Ragan win HOH (two contestants who seem to be playing both sides of the house to an impressive degree). The bottom line is given the opportunity Rachel will stay over Brendon and it’s inevitable that the two will find themselves on the chopping block again.

5/ Matt- Although Matt was called out by Rachel, his faux sick wife story will keep him in this game. The Kristen vs. Rachel argument was the best thing that would happen to Matt. The target has left him and gone to the other showmance of the season and as a result Matt should be sitting pretty for a few more weeks. While Matt is clearly not the evil genius he thinks he is, his standing in the game will remain solid for at least two more weeks. Add in the fact that floaters such as Ragan absolutely love him and you may just have yourself a legitimate threat for the final 3.

4/ Lane- Who now? Exactly. As the quietest contestant in the entire show, Lane will easily make the top 5. He’s likable, he barely has won a thing, and on top of it all nobody thinks he’s in an alliance. Of all the Brigade members Lane has the best chance for victory simply because he’s the most likely to ride his teammates’ coattails til the end.

3/ Ragan– He’s quite. He’s friendly. He’s barely given screen time. Ragan is on nobody’s radar and luckily for him this is a season where the true floaters will last longest. In my opinion, there are only 2 floaters left in the game: Ragan and Britney. The true meaning of a floater is someone who essentially gets along with both sides of the house and uses their friendliness to stay in. Ragan and Britney are the only two who have made a quasi-pact with the couple (Rachel and Brendon) but also have ties with the Brigade (this information comes mainly from the 24/7 feed updates). As a likable, unallied houseguest, Ragan will remain in the game for a while and will likely prove to be a threat.

2/ Rachel- She may have an annoying laugh and most certainly is overly obsessive about protecting her “man”, but never in the history of Big Brother have I been so impressed by such an unlikable individual. Regardless of what Kristen thinks, winning 2 out of 4 HOH competitions is pretty damn impressive (especially considering she only competed in 3 and the first was clearly not even kind of a competition). Rachel and Brendon have been the targets since day one and they remain in the house entirely because these two kick some serious ass in competitions. Rachel will likely surpass Brendon in this game and I have a feeling once he leaves the target on her back will severely decrease. Add in her new found appreciation for Britney and the two just might make it to the finals. Rachel is thoroughly entertaining television and quite the force to reckon with.

1/ Britney- Two weeks ago I would have sworn Britney sucked at this game and would be leaving immediately. Flash forward til now and Britney is playing the best game hands down. The epitome of a floater, Britney is making friends with one-time enemy Rachel and securing herself a spot in the final 4. Nobody would waste a nomination on Britney at this point, and for good reason. She stinks at competitions, has no clear allies, and sounds like a dumb blond. The truth is Britney is likable enough that if she remains quite and strikes at a later date, her game may be unstoppable. Her new “friendship” with Rachel puts her completely off of the radar and the result will only help her in the long run. Aspects of Briteny remind me of Jordan and at the moment there isn’t a single contestant I’d more like to route for (of course, I’m ignoring all the horrible comments she made with Monet).