This week on The Bachelorette, top 3 finalist Frank left bachelorette Ali because he finally realized that he belonged with his ex instead. Predictably, the beautiful but volatile blond glossed over the situation when explaining to the other guys, got incredibly defensive about the whole situation and started calling him names like “selfish” and “the biggest jerk I’ve ever met”. Now I get that it hurt, Frank really should have figured this all out way earlier and not gone so far into the competition. But come on, what Justin did, that was selfish and cruel. What Frank did, that was just unfortunate. Frank showed a little immaturity and a serious lack of self awareness but it could not have been clearer that there was no malicious intent behind what he did. Frank cared about Ali and didn’t want to hurt her, but he realized he’d made a mistake staying. Would she rather he hang on until the end and dump her after the show? He got out as soon as he realized he had to, what more could she ask? Besides, it is his prerogative to break up with her at any point just as it is hers. Love is a two-way street and Frank turned around the second he realized for sure that he should be walking in another direction.

Next week is “The Men Tell All”, always one of my favourites of the season. I cannot wait.

In 2 weeks she will choose Roberto and all will be well. Well, at least I think she’ll choose Roberto, she should really choose Roberto. I would also like to point out that my Bachelor Scale, posted on June 8th, correctly pinpointed the final 4 and the order they would disappear in- I am a matchmaking genius!