– So long Kasey, you will not be missed, even if this was one of your sanest-seeming weeks left (not saying much at all).

– See ya Chris N, you will be missed even less. Mostly because I barely knew who you were, except for the occasional off-putting shot of you half-heartedly hugging Ali or unintentionally being a bad Keanu Reeves impersonator.

– I accidentally picked up a tabloid that said Frank was going to dump Ali for his ex girlfriend. I cannot tell you how much I hope this is not the case. I adore Frank. He’s seriously sexy, really funny and a little bit jealous but generally sane. Here’s hoping next week’s big emotional breakdown is a Justin thing, I’m wrong about Roberto being too good to be true (which I think I am after this week) and it’s smooth sailing to an ideal final 4 of Roberto, Frank, Kirk and Chris L.

– Craig R was not repulsive tonight, a first for him.

– Justin was repulsive tonight. The guys have finally stopped bullying him long enough to let the audience make up their own minds. When given this luxury, I finally tuned in to what’s always been there: the kid sees this as a pure and simple competition with Ali as a prize not the purpose. He’s more intent on beating the other guys than winning her heart. So when it’s him (fingers crossed) that “breaks her heart” next week, there will be no love lost here.

– Poor Canada. Particularly Toronto was seriously misrepresented this year. The 2 villains of the season were from my home town and the only other Canuck on the series was eliminated without any coverage at all. Did they scour the city for the worst we had to offer? Because I can give them a list the size of my arm of fantastic Torontonians who’d kill on this show (not that any of them would ever agree to do it).

– Which brings me to, did she not consider just not giving out a rose on the 2 on 1 date? Neither of those guys is her future husband, that’s been obvious since day 1. From the premiere episode this thing was down to Roberto, Frank and Chris L. Kirk was a nice surprise dark horse in episode 3 but this is a 4 man race and has been for awhile now.

-Ty is doing way too well. He’s this season’s Tenley (just divorced, so not ready), and generally not appealing. She’s keeping around some pretty random dudes.

– In contrast, there are 4 really choice guys still in the running and a seriously high sexy contingent this season. Frank, Roberto and Kirk all make me blush. It’s so sad that they won’t be in the running for next season’s starring spot (see final bullet).

– First episode sans singing! SCORE! Next person who sings to Ali is landing on My TV’s all-time most hated list.

In related news: American Idol‘s Casey James is the next Bachelor, according to Chris Harrison’s twitter. NOOOOOOOOOO says this hater of all guitar-wielding romantic suitors.