– The questions are significantly easier, I could answer most of them (something that’s just not true about the regular episodes of Jeopardy).

– Though I’m mad at him for beating the adorable (and apparently incredibly competitive) Neil Patrick Harris, I have to say that Cheech Marin is absurdly good at Jeopardy. Which surprised me, because he’s mostly famous for being stoned, not being smart, not that the two are at all mutually exclusive.

– Jane Kaczmarek is entertaining. I like her, even if she is divorced from one of my favourite actors out there (Bradley Whitford).

– Just goes to show: comedians really are the smartest guys around. SNL‘s Michael McKean rocked his semi-final round against fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi and British actor Charles Shaughnessy and tonight’s superb showdown featured 3 comedians toe to toe: Neil, Jane and Cheech (a strange mix of awesome).

– I’m sad to see you go Neil, you were surprisingly intense about the whole thing, but man Cheech is worth the watch.