Anyone who watched last night’s episode of Survivor and has read any comment I’ve made on this season so far has to know that I am not pleased. My second favourite, Jerri, chose the wrong side of a good fight and sent my favourite, Rob, home before his time. Props have to go, I suppose, to Russell who has found a way to convince me that he’s not actually outmatched against the all-stars but I just can’t be happy for last season’s favourite. My allegiance was with Rob, he was the only one I really cared about as an old-school Survivor fan, and with him gone I’m not even sure I want to continue with the season.

If I end up coming back, I think I’ll be rooting for Colby and the Heroes. Other than eliminating Tom, I don’t think they’ve necessarily been voting wrong this whole time and that group of 5 does seem like they could be strong together, not unlike last season’s Foa Foa Four. Colby finally seems to be stepping up physically though his intensity does need to tone down. I’m fond of JT from just the little I’ve seen of him and his big move on Cirie was the best Hero move of the season, so maybe he can be my new favourite.

As for the Villains, I’m not sure I’ll be able to get over the hurt of their stupid decision and be on their side again. I can’t watch another troupe of idiots follow around Russell like puppy dogs. And though getting out the strong players now is a good strategy, Rob could have gotten them so much further as a group than sneaky Russell, he’s also just so much more pleasant to watch. I love Jerri but this is on her so I may have to find someone else to root for (even though the only other woman left on the island I can tolerate is Candace). (Well, actually, the blame should be on moronic Tyson from last week, who’s elimination swayed the numbers and made way for the possibility of Russell’s takeover). If there is a Villain I can still root for it’s Coach. While fierce and loudly proclaimed loyalty is never a good game strategy (though secret loyalty to very specific people actually is), I though Coach’s refusal to vote against Rob but inability to break his word to Russell was really quite valiant. He will surely fall soon enough to Russell’s schemes but for now at least there’s a hero to cheer for at the Villains’ camp.

Farewell Rob, to me you will always be the brightest of all Survivor‘s All-Stars.

And apparently super host Jeff Probst agrees with me. Click Here to read his hilarious blog about the most recent episode.