I’m okay with the fact that Jake picked Vienna because they seem really happy.

I’m okay with it because she brings out a fun side of him that he doesn’t otherwise seem to have.

I’m okay with it because other than Gia, all his other options were completely crazypants.

I’m okay with it because I think she really may be better than she was edited to seem and I’m on board with her honesty not meshing with other women.

I’m okay with it because they’re about equal amounts of awesome and annoying as each other so they fit well.

I’m okay with it because he did what he wanted to, without caring what everyone else said or thought, he made up his own mind.

and I’m okay with it because I really don’t care that much.

I am not, however, okay with Allie for the new Bachelorette. She was super crazy, really very bitchy, and she quit the show part way through! I don’t care how many misguided fans the girl has, she was the wrong choice. And because she was such a wrong choice, this season I am going to skip nominating my brother as a bachelor. He can do it next year when they chose a more deserving girl.