It’s no secret that Big Brother is a huge guilty pleasure of My TV. Thus, it’s no surprise that this writer was ecstatic to see last season’s winner Jordan and her showmance/alliance-mate Jeff take on a new reality competitions: The Amazing Race.


After coming in last two weeks ago and barely escaping elimination last week, Jeff and Jordan once again found themselves in the back of the pack. Sadly, this time Phil informed them that they were eliminated from the race.


The main reason I’ll miss Jeff and Jordan is not because they are Big Brother hamsters from the past, but rather because they are the most casual, carefree team I have ever seen on The Amazing Race. Jeff and Jordan were almost the perfect duo because they never argued. This would come as a surprise to most who have seen them bicker throughout their last series, but regardless of Jordan’s stupidity or Jeff’s for that matter, the two never fought once. Instead, they laughed throughout the world as they crossed each finish line (even until the end when Jeff feigned surprise at being the final team to arrive). The duo played this game hoping to have fun and it looks like they did. Jordan explained in her exit speech that she was happy to have the chance to travel the world. What most of these racers don’t realize is that they have an amazing opportunity to race around the world (hmmm so that’s where the title comes from) and by doing so they get to see the world. It may take a simpleton like Jordan to remind us what a privilege she was given, but this is what makes The Amazing Race a continuously Emmy Award winning series. It isn’t the arguments, drama, road blocks, or foot races but rather the sites, the passion, and the experience. Jeff and Jordan will go down in history as one of the best teams to play this game simply because they knew to enjoy it. It was never about the win for them, it was always about the experience. And they sure had some fun while doing it.