Rabbits are, in fact, much better than Ducks. Unless those Ducks be Mighty.
(How I Met Your Mother)

Naomi Bennett is a TERRIBLE mother.
(Private Practice)

Violet Turner is a TERRIBLE therapist.
(Private Practice)

I will never tire of Never Been Kissed.

Jake Pavelka has terrible taste in women.
(The Bachelor)

Margene Henrikson might just be the most sympathetic character in the world.
(Big Love)

John Krasinski and Luke MacFarlane were both in Kinsey? Weird.

Lee Pace and Ginnifer Goodwin are both in A Single Man. Amazing.

The Piemaker, GOB and Veronica Mars slum it in When In Rome. Danny DeVito right at home.

Derek did the right thing.
(Grey’s Anatomy)

A Single Man should have been nominated for an Oscar for best picture and best director.

Thank God Matt’s gone. Bring back Henry.
(Ugly Betty)

Long live Michael Urie, Marc Indelicato, Becki Newton and their fictional counterparts.
(Ugly Betty)

This week’s One Tree Hill was very, VERY badly written.

Community remains one of the best half hours of my week.

Leonard Hofstadter is a selfish friend.
(Big Bang Theory)

Penny is not.
(Big Bang Theory)

Vanessa Lengies on TV again!
(Accidentally on Purpose)

Farrell, a surprise delight in Crazy Heart. Gyllenhaal and Bridges, predictable delights.

I am Ellie. Tim is Jules. Show is fantastic.

Seth Aaron for the win!
(Project Runway)

I am very, very tired of vampires and wish they would just go away.

I am very pro Ella, very anti Riley and hoping Lauren gets killed off.
(Melrose Place)

Allison Janney and Matthew Perry to co-star in an upcoming ABC show. WIN.


Alternate realities? WTF?!?!? Darlton I love/hate you.