Over at My TV we live and breath Joss Whedon. Ask any of our writers and I would bet that at least two of his shows are in the top 10 on all of our lists.

For me, Buffy and Angel will always hold the top spot (the only non-Whedon series coming close would be Six Feet Under) and Firefly definitely earns a spot in my favorites, but up until recently Dollhouse‘s position wasn’t so secure.

With a premature cancellation, I found myself watching less and less of Whedon’s newest offspring. But throw in a winter vacation and some intense alone time and I’m almost caught up. Well, Whedon you’ve done it again: I’m overwhelmingly hooked. It’s a shame that Dollhouse only has a few episodes left because I really could see this show growing. The only flaw at the moment is the speedy plot which was clearly done to bring some sort of closure to the series.

But instead of getting into the details about why I love Dollhouse (don’t worry I’m sure once I finish the latest two episodes a full report will follow), I’d like to send out a quick plea to casting directors world wide.

Whedon has found the next big television/movie star/heartthrob: Enver Gjokaj. As the doll Victor, Enver steals every scene and looks good while doing so. Most recently his acting chops have surprised with with a spree of dramatic and comedic turns. After a remote wipe the serial killer persona in Victor switched places with Echo’s seductive college female and the result was the most hysterical club dance scene ever. Watch as Victor flirts with men and shakes his booty. Watch as Victor dances better than I will ever dance. Watch as he attempts to seduce a local straight college boy and then punch him in the face. After that turn, Victor is implanted with the personality of Topher and Enver does a spot-on impression which is so realistic (and funny) that it’s almost frightening. In the most recent episode I watched, “Stop Loss”, Victor is released from his contract with the Dollhouse but quickly joins his old troopers in the Rossum army where he is implanted with a chip forcing him to robotically do as they say. With a little help from Sierra and Echo, he escapes the army but not after turning in some amazing dramatic work.

It’s just a shame that the Emmy’s are so predictable and never really awknowledge a show like Dollhouse. While it would never be nominated for dramatic series, there are some high quality actors, like Enver, who deserve much needed credit. So what does Enver have in store next? So far just a small role in a movie as Robert De Niro’s younger self. Seriously? That’s it! Casting directors, now’s your chance to get him while he’s still relatively unknown and always amazing.