So as Kelly already mentioned, the whole smoking episode of How I Met Your Mother was a little odd. I sincerely believe that a few of the main characters would smoke and that in most people’s lives cigarettes became an occasional habit, but it was all a little too unbelievable for the entire group to jump into the habit.

Other than the obvious plot mover, the episode was kind of great. It was nice to see a Robin-centric episode considering she continues to be one of the greatest stars in the bunch. Robin tends to carry a lot of the emotional, career-centric episodes and it works well every time.

The main reason for my love of this episode was the support from her friends. Albeit predictable, when Marshall, Lily, Barney, and Ted called the station to prove that it did have an audience and that Robin should not quit, the tears began to flow. The dynamic friendship between these 5 individuals is the reason we tune in every week. Cheers to the most realistic portrayal of friends I’ve seen in a long time. This is a group that everyone can identify with and it’s a group that I want to watch week after week.

Amazing Marshall/Lily moments:
-Everything about Lily’s smoker voice.
-Lily stopped smoking when she started trying to get pregnant.
-Marshall stopped smoking when his son was born.
-Marshall showing younger Marshall a picture of his future wife….and then mini-Marshall taking the photo into his tent.